Information extracted from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop continues to be released, and it exposes a web of political corruption involving Joseph Biden as well as his son.  It appears that a formal investigation should be initiated.  

So far, most major news networks have avoided the story, and there has been no direct response from the Biden family.  I realize that the liberal media is firmly in the tank for Biden, but do not believe they can ignore these revelations much longer.  It will be interesting to see how they attempt to explain them.

Some Biden associates are dropping hints of Russian disinformation, suggesting that the entire business is a pack of lies somehow foisted on Rudy Giuliani by Russian agents.  This is nonsense.  The laptop contains thousands of photographs, e-mails, and other materials intimately associated with the life and activities of Hunter Biden.  There is no way that this could have been fabricated by outsiders.      

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