Et tu, Brute

Trump has little support among members of the media.  Most of them appear to dislike him intensely and actively work against him. At one time Trump thought he had some friends at Fox News, but he is no longer certain about that.

During the first and thus far only Presidential debate, Fox news anchor Chris Wallace was the moderator. Immediately he hit the President with a difficult question about his personal income taxes. I thought it a very unfair question. No one has accused Trump of evading taxes.  He pays the tax that he is obliged to pay.  Who among us does more than that?  As it turns out, Trump does.  He gives away every penny of his Presidential salary. To make it worse, Wallace did not press Joe Biden with difficult questions, and he appeared to take Biden’s side at several moments during the debate.

More recently Chris Wallace has expressed his skepticism about the recent articles in the New York Post in which various extracts from Hunter Biden’s laptop have been published.  He thinks Rudy Giuliani is not to be trusted and implies that the damning information about the Biden’s may be Russian disinformation fed to the former New York mayor.  As a supposedly unbiased newsman, that is an extremely irresponsible statement on the part of Wallace.  Has he examined the Post’s material?  The contents and the provenance of that material would appear to prove beyond doubt that it was extracted from Hunter Biden’s computer.  Furthermore, Wallace should be aware that there is plenty of corroborating information about the Bidens’ questionable activities in China , Russia, and the Ukraine from other sources.

Yes, Chris Wallace has forfeited his right to be considered a neutral arbiter.

Trump may well look at Fox and cry et tu, brute.       

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