She Walks in Beauty

Seventy-two summers ago I met Ann.

I remember the first time I met her.  It was the summer of 1948 and the location was St. Paul’s Methodist Church, Carolina Beach, North Carolina.  She was an extraordinarily beautiful young woman, but it was only a reflection of the beauty within. I do not know how I managed to win her heart, but somehow I did, and three and a half years later we were married in that same church.  We had 63 years together as husband and wife.

JR11 Ann 1941

A Very Young

Annie Laura McGuire

JR11 Ann in Junior High

Ann in Junior High

JR12 1950 Ann & Sandy (2)

A Young Couple in Love


JR12 1951 Sandy Jordan & Ann McGuire (Semi-formal dance) - Copy

At a Semi-Formal Dance

Summer 1951

JR11 1951 (Sep) Ann 

Off to College

September 1951

JR11 1951 (Oct) Ann (2)

Posing for the College Yearbook

(in her gym clothes)

October 1951

JR12 1951 Wedding Day December 16, 1951 (3) - Copy - Copy

Wedding Day

December 16, 1951

jr11 1954 (feb) (5) (3)

A Photo Taken for Her Husband

Far Away in Korea

February 1954

JR12 1954 (Oct)

Second Honeymoon

(together again)

October 1954

JR11 1954 (3)




The Young Family


JR12 1958 (2)

April 1958

 JR19 1970 Sandy & brothers 

Beloved Sons


JR11 2011 Dec (2) - Copy

Au Revoir, My Love

April 17, 2015

 Heaven 4

She walks in beauty in those heavenly fields that God so lovingly prepared for His children.

2 thoughts on “She Walks in Beauty

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful collection of photos and thoughts. ❤️ Your love for each other has always inspired and warmed everyone who knows you.


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