Christmas Images

This photograph was taken during the Christmas season, 2011, and was perhaps the last photograph of Ann, me and our five sons together. 2011 These following two photographs were taken at our Greenway home in 2005.  My dear wife Ann knew how to prepare a feast, and there was always plenty of love to go […]


Two days from now, on July 9th, some forty-six members of our family will gather at Lake Junaluska for a reunion.  The number is down quite a bit from that at our last gathering in 2017, but it will be grand to see the ones that can come.  Thank the Lord, the Covid restrictions have […]

Dear Mary

My brother Robert Jordan and his wife Bebe had four children, one boy and three girls.  Their son Bob was born in 1935. The older girls were identical twins, Mary and Martha, born in 1937.  Younger sister Sarah came along in 1939. Mary and Martha Jordan Theirs was a beautiful family, and I enjoyed every […]

A Happy Time

It is so very good if you have had periods in your life that you can recall as times of great happiness.  A time never to be forgotten. One such time in my life was when I returned from Korea in 1954.  I left Pusan, Korea, by ship on August 30, 1954, my birthday.  What […]

Christmas at Tanya Court

I am bringing up some photos of times past for my family.  I hope that others may also enjoy. A house on Tanya Court in Ellicott City, Maryland, was our home from January 1986 until January 2003.  I have many happy memories of that place – especially remembrances and images of Christmastime. Outside Decorations at […]

She Walks in Beauty

Seventy-two summers ago I met Ann. I remember the first time I met her.  It was the summer of 1948 and the location was St. Paul’s Methodist Church, Carolina Beach, North Carolina.  She was an extraordinarily beautiful young woman, but it was only a reflection of the beauty within. I do not know how I […]

Remembering Mom

Mom as a Young Girl C1895  June 26 was Mom’s birthday. What a wonderful woman she was.  She had a heart full of love, and goodness radiated from her like sunshine.  How blessed I was to call her Mom. Mom C 1910 In 1912 she married the young Dr. Branch Tucker Fields.  A short twelve […]


1895 I loved my father.  He was 56 years old when I was born, so in some ways he was more like a grandfather.  I held him in awe, but he never showed me anything but kindness and concern.  He was a rock of support, a shelter in any storm. 1928 Lord, I thank you […]


Words are often inadequate to express deep emotions.  How does one describe love? I only know that I was wrapped in a cocoon of deep affection from the time I arrived on earth.  At the center of it all was my mother – that wonderful woman that I was privileged to call Mom.   I […]

Have a Blessed Easter

Tomorrow we celebrate the resurrection of our blessed Lord and Savior.  At this time I have chosen to repeat some things I wrote before.  Please read and think about it. I have always appreciated the writings of C.S. Lewis.  I have paraphrased some of his arguments in the following paragraphs. We will never understand God […]