Remembering Mom

JR1 1896 Annie Belle Rives (2)

Mom as a Young Girl


June 26 was Mom’s birthday.

What a wonderful woman she was.  She had a heart full of love, and goodness radiated from her like sunshine.  How blessed I was to call her Mom.

JR1 1911 Annie Belle Rives - Copy


C 1910

In 1912 she married the young Dr. Branch Tucker Fields.  A short twelve years later her husband died suddenly from a heart attack, and Mom was left as a young widow with four children under the age of ten.  There was no social security and minimal insurance.  Fortunately, she had family nearby.

In l927 or early 1928 Mom was working as a receptionist in a physician’s office in Greensboro, NC, when Saunders Jordan, M.D., a widower since 1926, came to that office for a medical consultation.  He and Mom were married in October 1928, and eleven months later I was born.  

We loved each other dearly.  All her children adored her. 

I still miss her.

JR1 1943 Annie Belle Jordan (2)


C 1947

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