Tell Me Why

When I was in my teens, I had the opportunity to go on two Christian youth retreats.  It was a beautiful experience, and memories of those times continue to warm my heart.  In my mind’s eye I still see the faces of those young people, filled with the glow of faith and hope for the […]

First Love

“In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” I do not wish to argue with Tennyson,  but for me my first true experience with that delightful, terrible emotion called love came in the autumn, and there was nothing light about it.   My first love is hard to describe, but […]

The Big Lie

The BIG Lie:   America is systemically racist. Response:  It is absolutely not true.  Yes, there are racists in America, just as there are racists in every nation.  Racists can be black, brown, or white.  It is what is in their hearts that distinguishes the bigots and the haters, not their skin color.  It is true […]

Happy Time Continues

A week or so after my return from Korea, my wife and I consigned the care of our infant son to my parents and headed toward Niagara Falls for what we called our second honeymoon.  We had been planning it for a long time. The first honeymoon, though wonderful in its way, was somewhat skimpy, […]

A Fellowship of Love

I thank God for the Church and for Christian fellowship.  I had the good fortune of being born in a loving, Christ centered home, and I have been faithful in attending church for most of my life.  For the past 42 years I have been a member of the Bishop Cummins Reformed Episcopal Church in […]

The Gift

Consider for a moment the beautiful verse that closes the beloved Christmas carol In the Bleak Midwinter. What can I give Him,Poor as I am?If I were a shepherdI would bring a lamb,If I were a wise manI would do my part,Yet what I can I give Him,Give my heart. This theme has been expressed […]


Sixty-nine years ago, on December 16, 1951, my wife Ann and I exchanged our wedding vows,  Except for my two-year stint in the U,S. Army, we were together for the next sixty-three years. I believe that we were truly blessed to love and be loved.  We were always assured of each other’s faithfulness and commitment, […]

Keep the Faith!

When I was young I was taught to believe the following: We are children of a loving God. We are to love God and love one another. Although God made a perfect world, he created us with the freedom to make moral choices – an ability to choose either good or evil.  Through His prophets […]

She Walks in Beauty

Seventy-two summers ago I met Ann. I remember the first time I met her.  It was the summer of 1948 and the location was St. Paul’s Methodist Church, Carolina Beach, North Carolina.  She was an extraordinarily beautiful young woman, but it was only a reflection of the beauty within. I do not know how I […]

Remembering Mom

Mom as a Young Girl C1895  June 26 was Mom’s birthday. What a wonderful woman she was.  She had a heart full of love, and goodness radiated from her like sunshine.  How blessed I was to call her Mom. Mom C 1910 In 1912 she married the young Dr. Branch Tucker Fields.  A short twelve […]