Words are often inadequate to express deep emotions.  How does one describe love? I only know that I was wrapped in a cocoon of deep affection from the time I arrived on earth.  At the center of it all was my mother – that wonderful woman that I was privileged to call Mom.   I […]

He Loves Me. He Don’t.

  I know not whether the practice continues today, but in times past young ladies would sometimes dream of love and express their hopes by slowly picking the petals of a flower and alternately saying,  “He loves me.”  “He loves me not.” Back in the age of dinosaurs when I was a teen, I remember […]

Au Revoir

I have always been fond of the French term au revoir and sometimes substitute it for good-bye.  Au revoir literally means  “till I see you again.”  Five years ago, on April 17, 2015, I bade “au revoir” to my wife Ann.  As each day passes I come ever nearer to the moment I will see […]

Have a Blessed Easter

Tomorrow we celebrate the resurrection of our blessed Lord and Savior.  At this time I have chosen to repeat some things I wrote before.  Please read and think about it. I have always appreciated the writings of C.S. Lewis.  I have paraphrased some of his arguments in the following paragraphs. We will never understand God […]

Love and Marriage

  As a professing Christian, I look to Holy Scriptures for guidance on marriage as well as on other social issues.  Ninety years of observation also impacts my views. Nevertheless, my personal experiences are very limited, and I’m certain that some readers will consider my comments somewhat quaint and superficial. Marriage is not treated consistently […]

Loving You

On some nights sixty-six years ago I stood guard in a military camp in Korea.  As I walked back and forth in the cold, alert to the sounds and movements around me, my mind was filled with thoughts of home.  I thought especially of the loving wife that waited for me there.  Out of those […]


  “Quid est veritas?” said Pilate to Jesus. What is truth?  Is there such a thing as absolute truth? Many people, especially those of a progressive bent, deny that there is such a thing as objective truth and say that truth is a matter of perspective.  They insist that all truth claims should be recognized […]