The Big Lie

The BIG Lie:   America is systemically racist.

Response:  It is absolutely not true.  Yes, there are racists in America, just as there are racists in every nation.  Racists can be black, brown, or white.  It is what is in their hearts that distinguishes the bigots and the haters, not their skin color.  It is true that America has had a troubled history of black slave exploitation and discrimination, and the treatment of native Americans was less than admirable; and for many years there was institutional racism.  But that time is past.  No race or nation is entirely innocent of past sins, and we are striving for a better future. We have made tremendous progress.  

I have lived a long time, and I have known many people.  I have white friends, black friends, and friends of other ethnicities.  I love them as brothers and sisters, children of a loving God.  I can truthfully say that I have personally known only one or two persons whom I considered to be racists, and I avoided them like the plague.  Of course, I have seen racists on television, and I have heard them on radio – Hitler, George Wallace, Bull O’Connor, Louis Farrakhan, and Al Sharpton are a few who come to mind.  These are the sorts of people who tear us apart.

America is not a racist country.  To state that sort of nonsense is to propagate a lie.

Love one another, my friends.      

4 thoughts on “The Big Lie

  1. Dad, I truly wish that there was no such thing as “white privilege” in America, but there is. Most black people and Hispanic people in particular are relegated to lower class jobs and treatment. I have sadly watched this happen to Mac and to black friends in Charlotte. I did not see this growing up in DC, probably because that area is more integrated. Perhaps that is why you notice it less. Anyway, check out the book and podcasts called “Uncomfortable Conversations” to get a reality check. ❤️ Jeannine


  2. If America was a racist country, then there would have never been the Missouri Compromise in 1820, the Kansas – Nebraska Act on 1854, or the Civil War (1862-1865) to the free all of the slaves, or the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution (1865), the 15th Amendment to the US Constitution (1869), the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights and Fair Housing Act of 1965 and the *many* other laws that have been passed to ensure equality in this country. Only a complete idiot, or a complete LIAR, can ignore those obvious facts. Even laws such as those concerning minimum hourly wage and paid overtime were passed to mainly benefit underpaid minorities.


  3. I also completely agree. There are blacks and people of other races that I despise but it’s not because they’re black but because that I consider them liars, and charlatans. Al Sharpton is a perfect example. OTOH there are Whites that I hate for the very same reason. Nancy Pelousi is a perfect example.

    That said, some of my closest friends are and always have been Jewish, Indians (Hindus), blacks, Hispanics, ect. But many people still call me Racist because I speak out against anyone that I have reason to dislike. And if even ONE of them is black, or Asian, or Hispanic, or gay; or whatever their pet category happens to be, then to them that makes me racist!

    As long at that kind of _SELECTIVE_ targeting (of mostly whites right now, but of anyone) is allowed to continue in America, there will NEVER be any kind of true racial equality.

    As someone born in the 1950s, in my experience race issues in the country improved considerably after the 1960s but with rise of the largely charlatan Black Activists such as Al Sharpton and his ilk, and the clearly racist Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch regimes, and now the violently extremist BLM, and all of their I’m-White-but-I-hate-myself supporters: race relations in this country are the worst that it has ever seen in my lifetime.


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