She Walks in Beauty

Seventy-two summers ago I met Ann. I remember the first time I met her.  It was the summer of 1948 and the location was St. Paul’s Methodist Church, Carolina Beach, North Carolina.  She was an extraordinarily beautiful young woman, but it was only a reflection of the beauty within. I do not know how I […]


  Christmas Joy This is a photograph of our sons Stuart and Sandy Jr. on Christmas morning, December 25, 1959.  What memories!  This one was fortunately recorded on film.  There are many others, just as poignant, that are written on our hearts. When you think of it in a scientific sense, an image like this […]

The Last Jar

My daughter-in-law Joy shared the following story with her extended family.  I thought it a very loving and beautiful  tribute to her Dad and to family. While our kitchen was being packed for our next move, Lucy was packing-up our pantry items. She came upon an old jar of sweet potatoes in the back corner of […]