The Last Jar

My daughter-in-law Joy shared the following story with her extended family.  I thought it a very loving and beautiful  tribute to her Dad and to family.

While our kitchen was being packed for our next move, Lucy was packing-up our pantry items. She came upon an old jar of sweet potatoes in the back corner of a top shelf.  I believe the date on the lid was 1993 (?) in my Dad’s hand writing.

Until then, Lucy hadn’t said a word as she packed things up but, when she came upon this jar asked me if I wanted to toss it out as it was, so old. 

I went on to tell her how my Dad, from my earliest memory raised sweet potatoes. In his later years preserved them in jars and shared with his family. 

 There was no-way that I’d part with that jar because it was the last, the very last jar… 

 That jar has moved with me twice in Maryland, once from Washington state, two times in Colorado and now to Prescott, AZ.  

 Funny what brings us a measure of comfort.

Wishing you all, good memories, 

With much love, 


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