Change of Course

I have no inside knowledge, and I am certainly no expert;  nevertheless, I believe that toward the end of April our national leaders will need to make a very difficult decision about a new way forward in dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic.  Thus far we have confronted the problem with a policy of social distancing and strict sanitary practices.  This was an effort to slow COVID-19’s spread while we built up our hospital and other supplies and worked on countermeasures.  It was absolutely necessary for us to do this, else our medical care system would have been overwhelmed.  Look at what has happened in New York.  Unfortunately, this policy has played havoc with our economy.  Millions of people are out of work and hunkered down in their homes.  It will be some weeks before the crisis passes, but even now we must be thinking of a change of course.

We cannot allow our national economy to be destroyed.  If that were to happen, the effects in terms of lives lost would probably be worse than potential fatalities from the virus.  President Trump has suggested this on several occasions, and each time his haters in the media try to make him appear uncaring.  But he is right! We cannot allow the treatment to be more deadly than the virus. 

I am convinced that we must start returning to a more normal way of life as soon as possible – perhaps by early May.  The epidemic should have peaked before then, and schools and businesses might re-open and usual activities resume.  It is possible that COVID-19 will still be raging in certain parts of the country, but things might be handled differently in those areas.  For the rest of us, we must get back to work.  As we do that, our seniors and other more vulnerable citizens would be most at risk, and possibly they should continue to self-isolate for a while longer. 

Let us take our country back!


One thought on “Change of Course

  1. IDear Dad, I cautiously agree.

    As a teacher, I am reluctant for my students to come pouring into the buildings in May . I hope we will close out this school year with distance-learning and hold special programs for our graduating seniors only – proms, graduation ceremonies, etc. By waiting until August to reopen the schools, I think we will be past peak vulnerability.

    Even as our Covid rResponse Teams have guided us through the shut-down in stages, I personally trust their guidance to incrementally re-engage our economy and social interactions.

    On a personal level, I am eager to travel with my beloved, newly- retired husband! Hal and I are eager to start “globe-trotting” with you!


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