President Trump: Our Whirling Dervish


dervish is a Muslim of a particular religious order known for worship rituals which require the dervish to spin very fast causing his clothing to fan out in a circle. The men wear large circular skirts to capitalize on this effect.  From this practice came the term “whirling dervish.’

More recently the term has been adopted in the America and western Europe with  different meanings.  According to one definition, “a whirling dervish is a person whose behavior resembles a rapid, spinning object.  This individual’s actions are often spastic, fidgeting, and marked by incessant babbling.  The actions of a whirling dervish are frequently irritating and annoying, often exhausting other people in the immediate vicinity.”

Based on this definition, President Trump might be referred to as a whirling dervish.  However, his enemies prefer to think of him as a “whirling devil.”

Trump appears to be a person with incredible energy and stamina.  Before the coronavirus crisis he was constantly on the go – flying to Europe to meet with Macron or Merkel, attending an international conference in some foreign site, working on trade deals with China, holding massive political rallies for his supporters, etc.  He traveled and he talked on and on and on, with frequent braggadocio and hyperbole.  Sometimes it appeared that he never took time for a deep breath.

With Coronavirus everything has changed, but the President continues his mad pace of activity.  Meetings, meetings everywhere; telephone conferences; daily briefings.  And talk, talk, talk!  Words, words, words!  Constant movement with no time for rest. I am amazed by his performance.  Whether you love him or hate him, take  time to watch him and be impressed by our indefatigable leader.    



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