Global Warning

First, let me say that I believe that our planet is warming.  The evidence is plain before us – gradually increasing global temperatures, melting glaciers and icecaps, etc. etc.  I believe that it is due in part to natural climate cycles and partly to human activity.  I seriously doubt the effectiveness of programs undertaken thus […]

Letter to the President

I suppose that many people write to President Trump with words of advice and encouragement.  They realize how much the coming election could affect their lives and livelihood, and they watch the news with a sense of trepidation. Many members of the news media hate our President and actively seek to tear him down.  They […]

How Much Can You Hate?

I have never understood the reason so many people hate President Trump so much.  I understand why they dislike him.  He sometimes appears arrogant, vain, and petty.  He does not seem to have a sense of humor, and he suffers from a deficit of magnanimity.  Nevertheless, I see no indication that he is an evil […]

President Trump: Our Whirling Dervish

  A dervish is a Muslim of a particular religious order known for worship rituals which require the dervish to spin very fast causing his clothing to fan out in a circle. The men wear large circular skirts to capitalize on this effect.  From this practice came the term “whirling dervish.’ More recently the term has been adopted […]

Congressional Psychoses

Those of us in the general public often think of our representatives in Congress as being somewhat deranged.  Never has that been more true than it is at present. Little more than a decade ago Charles Krauthammer, a medically certified psychiatrist and much honored television commentator, applied the phrase “Bush derangement syndrome” to what he […]

The Impasse

The President and the Democratic Party leaders in Congress have dug in their heels.  Neither side wishes to give an inch in the fight over funding for a border wall. How is the impasse to be resolved?  Is some sort of compromise possible? The Democrats obviously hope that pressures created by the extended partial government […]


During long automobile trips our family sometimes sang songs to pass the time.  Often they were silly, repetitive ballads that seemed to go on forever.  One such song went like this: Thirteen men in a boarding house bed. Roll over, roll over. They all rolled over when anyone said, Roll over, roll over.   One […]