Letter to the President

I suppose that many people write to President Trump with words of advice and encouragement.  They realize how much the coming election could affect their lives and livelihood, and they watch the news with a sense of trepidation. Many members of the news media hate our President and actively seek to tear him down.  They appear blind to the dangers posed by the Democrat Party’s agenda.

The following is a letter to the President written by my son Eric:   

Dear President Trump,

I’m truly proud to call you my President.  I appreciate how hard you fight for the best interests of our nation.

I have a suggestion regarding TV ads to be run against Joe Biden.  I would run a series of ads in all the tightly contested states showing Biden’s flip-flops during the last year regarding the Green New Deal, fracking, packing the Supreme Court, and other issues.  Joe has been consistently inconsistent. Use video to show the dates he made these statements and emphasize that if Biden reverses himself so frequently how can we believe anything he says?

It would also be good to point out how much the abolition of fracking would cost the United States in terms of lost revenue, lost jobs, and the loss of our hard-won energy independence.

God bless you, Mr. President.  I and my family pray for your victory on November 3rd.


I join with my son and others in offering up prayers for President Trump and family and for our beloved nation.

May the truth come out.

Vote wisely on November 3rd.


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