How Much Can You Hate?

I have never understood the reason so many people hate President Trump so much.  I understand why they dislike him.  He sometimes appears arrogant, vain, and petty.  He does not seem to have a sense of humor, and he suffers from a deficit of magnanimity.  Nevertheless, I see no indication that he is an evil man.  In fact, I believe the opposite.  His basic beliefs and instincts appear to be good, his goals usually align with my own views about what is best for our nation, and he has been amazingly successful.  If one honestly examines his record as chief executive, they must admit that few Presidents have achieved as much in so short a time.

Why the hate?  The scurrilous attacks and efforts at sabotage began before Trump took office. The Hollywood circle and the eastern elites, Democrat and Republican, thew vile accusations against him.  Unsavory episodes from his past were dredged up and published for public scrutiny.  More seriously, he was charged with colluding with Russia to steal the election and being a Manchurian candidate – a tool of Putin.  Much of the evidence to support this allegation was fabricated, and a two-year official investigation followed.  Try their utmost, Trump’s enemies could not find any proof of treason or malfeasance, but when the investigation ended they were not willing to let go.  House Democrats came up with new charges based on extremely superficial evidence.  They impeached the President on a purely partisan vote, and he was only acquitted after a wasteful and divisive trial in the Senate.

Vilification of the President by the radical left never ceases.  A constant cacophony of lies and half-truths is directed against him, and,  unfortunately, his enemies have full-throated support from the mainstream media.  Trump’s own undisiplined mouthings and tweets do not help. When his supporters come to his defense, they too are subjected to vicious attack.  They are called racists and cretins and fascists and other forms of lowlife, and they are sometimes subjected to harassment.

Recently there was an excellent example of the virulent hatred directed against the President by the liberal press.  The Atlantic published an article quoting anonymous sources accusing the President of making extremely derogatory statements about American military heroes.  There were instant denials from a number of persons who should have been in a position to know. Since The Atlantic’s sources were not identified, the article did not even have the credibility of a “He said, she said.”  It was a journalistic hit-job. 

Now, a week later, Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to promote peace in the Middle East and the Balkans.  His administration negotiated historic recognition agreements between Israel and the UAE  and between Israel and Bahrain. A few days later Trump’s people worked out a settlement between Kosovo and Serbia.  To top it off, yesterday, September 12, formal Afghanistan peace talks began in Qatar.  Those are an impressive accomplishments by our President and well worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize.    

The Atlantic’s response to all this was to suggest that the Nobel Peace Prize should be abolished.

How much can you hate?

One thought on “How Much Can You Hate?

  1. Trump’s effort for reconciliation in the middle east has so-far yielded more results than any president since Jimmie Carter. Trump is far more deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize than Barrack Obama who got one for merely being elected and then infesting the White House.


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