Trump vs the Radical Left

Trump is undoubtedly a divisive figure.  He fights back viciously against his political opponents, and he can be very unpleasant.  But who is the greater divider?  I contend that it is the radical left.   They are merciless in their attacks against the President, and they resort to any means, fair or foul, to destroy him.  Unfortunately, they have powerful allies in the mainstream media.  A constant stream of vilification is directed at Trump, and straight and unbiased reporting is a thing of the past.  

Biden appears to be a rather harmless old man.   But if you examine his record carefully you will see that it is not marked with significant accomplishments, and an unpleasant aroma lingers around some of his past activities,  Furthermore, he appears to be in a state of slow mental decline. There is little enthusiasm for him, and a vote for Biden is mainly a vote against Trump.

Many on the left express the belief that Trump’s continuation in office would be a threat to our democratic institutions.  On the other hand, there are citizens like me who are convinced that his opponents are a much greater threat to the nation’s future.  Extreme leftists stand behind Biden and will doubtless control the agenda. These radicals would open the floodgates to illegal immigration and register these newcomers as Democrats.  They would promote an aggressive LGBT agenda that would threaten to religious liberty and stigmatize our Judeo-Christian beliefs and traditions.  They would pack the courts with liberal activists. They would abandon energy independence and thoroughly disrupt our economic growth in an attempt to slow global warning, while doing nothing to stop massive polluting by our Asian competitors.  They might even reverse President Trump’s highly successful Middle Eastern policies.  The reign of the radical left could be a disaster for our nation!   

What sort of future do you envision for America?Think carefully before you vote in this Presidential election..   

One thought on “Trump vs the Radical Left

  1. I am absolutely convinced that you are correct. The left hasn’t been able to come up with a decent candidate so they offer us what appears to be harmless old Joe. But old Joe has nothing to interest the radical left so they added Kamala Harris in an attempt to gain the vote of the radical left. But the Democrats know that that’s still not enough to win against a successful President, which Trump has been, so they added the tactic of using the news media to destroy his creditability and to generate a unreasoning pure hatred of Donald Trump and they have been pushing that agenda since even before he took office. To me, it all just goes to show that the Democrats simply don’t have a plan for America or a viable candidate so now they’re just trying to get into office any way that they can, even if it means destroying the office of the presidency and destroying America with baseless accusations of foreign intervention in American politics, open violence in American cities and racial strife in the process. Ask yourself, is that the kind of America that you want to live in? It will be the kind of America we will get if the clue-less Democrats are elected in November.

    As someone that watched the election and rein of President Kennedy, a Democrat, in the early 1960s and the hope and inspiration that he generated, it’s sad to see the depths to which the Democratic Party has fallen. They have literally become the Party of Nothing and the party of lies, hatred, violence and DIS-unity.


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