Trump Bashing

  The vilification of President Trump in the mainstream media and by Hollywood celebrities continues,  CNN host Anderson Cooper said last week that President Donald Trump “acts like a drunk in a bar” during his daily press conferences.  MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell chimed in with the opinion that Trump is a straight up “sociopath.”  (A […]


A Redoubtable Hadendoa warrior of the Sudan, known to British Soldiers as a Fuzzy-Wuzzy If the coronavirus shutdown continues for another month, I intend to apply for a bit-part as a Fuzzy-Wuzzy in a remake of Four Feathers.  Note:  Movie buffs will remember that epic film.  Much of it revolves around the Anglo-Egyptian military expedition […]

Change of Course

I have no inside knowledge, and I am certainly no expert;  nevertheless, I believe that toward the end of April our national leaders will need to make a very difficult decision about a new way forward in dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic.  Thus far we have confronted the problem with a policy of social distancing […]

President Trump: Our Whirling Dervish

  A dervish is a Muslim of a particular religious order known for worship rituals which require the dervish to spin very fast causing his clothing to fan out in a circle. The men wear large circular skirts to capitalize on this effect.  From this practice came the term “whirling dervish.’ More recently the term has been adopted […]

President Trump and the Virus

Some people hate the President.  Some people love him.  A number of liberal reporters and pundits are among the most virulent haters.  In their eyes, he can do nothing right.  In my opinion, he has done a good job in dealing with the coronavirus crisis.  He is fully involved in fighting the pandemic while continuing […]


What a sad state of affairs!  The coronavirus has played havoc with our lives, and no one knows how long this will continue.  With everything closing (church, senior center, restaurants, etc.), I feel as if I’m a prisoner in my own home.  Nevertheless, I thank God that I am healthy, and I pray that I […]