Verily, verily; Truly, truly


Verily, verily.  Truly, truly.

Oh, how I long for a bit of honest reporting.

Those who hate President Trump are often dishonest in their portrayal of the man.  He is described as a misogynistic racist of the worst sort, and his supporters are often pictured as uneducated cretins.  Yes, Trump has many personal faults, including crudeness and an almost total lack of magnanimity, but I have never seen real evidence that he is a woman-hating, racially prejudiced bigot.  Why do his opponents, including many supposedly objective media pundits, continue to revile him in this way?  If I believed even half of the charges made against him, I could never support Trump.

The ongoing Presidential campaign may reveal the true face of the those who constantly rail against our present leader.

At this moment in time, it appears that Bernie Sanders or Michael Bloomberg might be the Democratic nominee to be President of the United States.  Either one would present the mainstream media with a real dilemma.

Sanders is a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist.  In truth, he appears to favor communistic dictatorships over American style representative democracy and is highly critical of our capitalistic economy.  He honeymooned in the Soviet Union and had good things to say about Hugo Chavez as that ruthless man established a socialist dictatorship in Venezuela.  Sanders has a core of fervent supporters, but many Republicans and moderate Democrats fear that he would wreck the American economic system and bring misery to our citizenry.

Bloomberg is a billionaire businessman and thrice elected mayor of New York City. Many Democrats believe him to be a viable and perhaps more electable alternative to socialists like Sanders or Warren or relatively unknown and inexperienced candidates such as Buttigieg and Klobuchar.  As for poor Joe Biden, his campaign appears to be on the verge of collapse.

But Bloomberg has a problem.  A number of taped interviews and speeches recently came to light in which Bloomberg expressed racist and misogynistic comments far worse than any that have been attributed to Trump. The evidence of Bloomberg’s elitist disdain for blacks, Hispanics, and the average American “commoner” is undeniable.

Now is the time for truth to come out.  If the talking heads on ABC, CNN, and MSNBC continue to assail the President but give Bloomberg and Sanders a pass, we will know them for who and what they are.          

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