A Maricopa Footnote

I do not wish to beat a dead horse.  It seems that the majority of American citizens, including many Republicans, wish to move on from the 2020 election.  However, that dead horse continues to emit a nauseating stench. The recent Maricopa County audit report included an interesting item that appears to have been totally ignored […]


On Friday, September 24th, the long awaited 2020 Maricopa County election audit was delivered to the Arizona Senate.  Left wing media sources immediately trumpeted the news that the “bogus” audit confirmed that Biden had won Arizona.  Of course, if the audit was bogus, how could it confirm anything. In truth, the auditors raised serious questions […]

Ghost Riders

Several months ago there was an Arizona Senate authorized audit of voting in Maricopa County.  It was done over a period of some weeks and was very extensive. Part of the cost was defrayed by contributions from interested citizens, mostly Republican, who were convinced that there were election irregularities in November 2020.  Democrat spokespersons have […]

Thou Doth Protest Too Much

(Prior to posting the following I learned that the Antrim, Michigan, lawsuit had been dismissed.  The judge did not allow Attorney DePerno to present his evidence but ruled that the Michigan secretary of state had already done an audit, and a further one was unnecessary. At the same time, there is fierce opposition to continuing […]