On Friday, September 24th, the long awaited 2020 Maricopa County election audit was delivered to the Arizona Senate.  Left wing media sources immediately trumpeted the news that the “bogus” audit confirmed that Biden had won Arizona.  Of course, if the audit was bogus, how could it confirm anything.

In truth, the auditors raised serious questions about the 2020 results and some senators suggested that the election outcome be decertified.

There were approximately 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County.  1.9 million were mail-in votes.  Biden was certified to have won the county by 45,109 votes and the state of Arizona by 10,457.

The hand count of ballots did show that Biden had more votes than Trump, and he actually had a several hundred larger margin than was originally reported. This was not entirely unexpected.  Hand counts in other states and electoral districts had produced similar results. The problem with the election results lay elsewhere.  Although their terminology made it difficult to interpret the auditors’ findings, I understand them to be as follows:

  • 23,344 mail-in ballots were received from an address other than the one to which it was sent.
  • 9,041 ballots were received from addressees to whom they were not sent.
  • 5,295 voters were shown to have potentially voted in more than one county.
  • 3,432 more ballots cast than the recorded total vote.
  • 2,592 duplicate ballots.
  • 2,352 voters had moved from Maricopa County prior to the election.
  • 3,632 other serious ballot issues.

The total number of ballots the auditors identified as problematic was more than 57,000, five times Biden’s victory margin in Arizona.

Along with the auditors’ report, Dr, Shiva Ayyadurai presented a separate investigative report to the Arizona Senate in which he claimed:

  • Maricopa County election officials violated procedural guidelines by allowing 9,589 Early Voting Ballots to move forward to the verification phase despite not having required voter signatures on the outer envelopes.
  • 34,448 Early Voting Ballots were duplicates.  They were submitted by 17,126 individual voters, some of whom submitted more than one duplicate.

Combine these reports with my previous post on the investigative work of Ms. Liz Harris, “Ghost Riders”, and it proves that the 2020 election results in Arizona are highly questionable.

Of course, if one’s news source is CBS, CNN or MCNBC, he or she may never receive the whole story and only be told that the recount confirmed that Biden was the winner.  This only serves to show that many mainstream news sources have become totally unreliable.

What happens next?  Who knows?  I only wish to remind you of two ancient bits of wisdom. 

“You can’t unscramble eggs.” 

“You can’t put Humpty Dumpty together again.”

Let’s pray for honest news and an equitable outcome.

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