Ministry of Propaganda

Have you ever noticed that different reporters on different networks often use identical terminology in reporting a news story.

I first became aware of this in 2000 when George W. Bush was running for President.  Many of the mainstream, left-leaning commentators considered Bush an intellectual lightweight.  When he chose Richard Cheney as his running-mate they described Cheney as adding “gravitas” to the ticket.  Reporters on every major news network used that very same term in discussing the choice of Cheney.  I do not remember hearing that term being employed before or since by a news reporter, so it is logical to assume that they all got it from the same source.  I refer to that source as being a secret “Ministry of Propaganda.” 

It’s rather amusing now when you think back on it.  Within a few years all these left-leaning reporters were referring to this same Dick Cheney, the man possessing gravitas, as the administration’s Darth Vader.

Listen to today’s programs, and you will note that this same phenomenon occurs over and over again.  For example, when a Capitol Police officer confronted the Washington rioters on January 6, 2021, and later died, commentators on several major news programs rushed to say that his death was caused by his being struck on the head by a fire extinguisher.  Each reporter used the word “bludgeoned,” a term certainly not in daily usage.  It was later discovered that the officer had not received a head injury but died from a stroke.  The “Ministry of Propaganda” had been too quick on the trigger.

When reporters on the several networks sound like a chorus of trained parrots mouthing the same words, you should be suspicious.  They are not reporting news.  These reporters are reading bulletins issued by the “Ministry.”            

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