Roanoke Island

Roanoke Island, North Carolina, lies in a body of water between the Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds.  The island is about 8 miles long and 2 miles wide. The mainland is a few miles to the west.  The outer banks lie a short distance to the east, separated from the island by a narrow channel.

Roanoke Island

and the Outer Banks

Roanoke Island is perhaps best known as the site of the first English colony in the New World, remembered as the “Lost Colony.”  Sponsored by Sir Walter Raleigh, the first settlement on the island was attempted in 1585 but was soon abandoned because of supply shortages and conflict with some of the local Indians.  A second settlement was made in 1587.  Later that year, several members of the colony voyaged to England seeking supplies. with intentions of a quick return.  Unfortunately, war between England and Spain prevented a relief expedition until 1590.  When the relief ships arrived, they found the site deserted.  The fate of the colonists remains unknown and is the subject of much speculation.  Some believe that the colonists were absorbed into one of the nearby Indian tribes, others suggest that they were probably massacred.  It remains an enduring mystery.  

Aerial View of Roanoke Island

This aerial view of Roanoke Island is from the north.  The mainland is to the right and the Outer Banks to the left.  Famous Outer Bank landmarks such as Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, and Kitty Hawk lie nearby.

Manteo Waterfront

Manteo is the only town of any size on Roanoke Island, and it was the home of the John T. Daniels family.  In 1903 John was a member of the U.S. Life Saving Station at Kill Devil Hills, and he assisted the Wright brothers during their flying experiments on the Outer Banks. He is credited with taking the first photograph of man in flight on December 17, 1903.

Beatrice Daniels, youngest daughter of John T. Daniels, was a school teacher in High Point, North Carolina, in the early 1930s.  There she met and married my brother Robert S. Jordan, Jr.

The John T. Daniels Home

In 2007 the Jordan family had a reunion in Manteo,  While we were there, my niece Martha Daniels Chukinas, daughter of Robert and Beatrice, gave members of the family a tour of the old Daniels home.

It’s a small, small world.  You are closer to others than you know.  We pass through this life quickly. Be sure to reach out and show your love to everyone you meet.  

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