Ghost Riders

Several months ago there was an Arizona Senate authorized audit of voting in Maricopa County.  It was done over a period of some weeks and was very extensive. Part of the cost was defrayed by contributions from interested citizens, mostly Republican, who were convinced that there were election irregularities in November 2020.  Democrat spokespersons have expressed doubts about the audit’s validity, but the auditors themselves were very careful to document the entire process. Thus far there has been no report on the results of this audit, but it is my understanding that a report will be forthcoming before the end of September.

In the meantime, on September 8, another analysis of the Maricopa election results was published.  The results were very interesting, but there has been almost no coverage by national news media.  But why should we expect otherwise?

Ms. Liz Harris, an Arizona Realtor, was highly suspicious of the election results, and she organized a group of volunteers to visit the homes of registered Maricopa County voters.  There are 2,595,272 registered voters in that county. The entire precinct of Warner was canvassed, with partial canvasses of Dunbar, Waggoner and Rittenhouse precincts. The canvassers identified themselves as private citizens conducting election integrity research.  Participation was entirely voluntary, and less than half of those contacted responded.

Their principal finding was as follows:

Homes Visited                                                                    11,709

Registered Voters Interviewed                                           4,570

Registered Voters Shown by County as Not Voting          964

Registered Voters Who Voted but Shown Not Voting       330

If you extrapolate these results to entire Maricopa County, an estimated 173,104 voters had their ballots discarded.

Liz Harris and her canvassers made another alarming discovery.  3,606 of the registered voters interviewed were listed as having voted by mail, but 164 (or 5.66%) of the supposed mail-in voters at the addresses visited were either unknown to the current resident or were known to have moved prior to the election – sometimes many years before. Somehow another person or persons managed to fraudulently submit mail-in ballots using a former resident’s name.  Again, extrapolating these results to the entire mail-in vote, Maricopa County had as many as 96,389 ghost voters.

Either the discarded ballots or the ghost votes could have reversed the November 3rd election results in Arizona.

As a youth I enjoyed an old western song, recorded by Vaughan Monroe and other artists, named “Ghost Riders in the Sky.”  Seventy-three years later we finally found those riders – in Maricopa County, Arizona.

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