Lake Lucerne

While in Basel we took a daytime rail trip to Lake Lucerne.  The lake is located in central Switzerland and is a major tourist attraction.  The lake itself and the surrounding mountains are quite beautiful, and the four of us enjoyed our visit there very much.  Of course, our tour included a boating excursion.

Here are some photographs from our visit to Lake Lucerne.

Me and Hal Sitting in a Lakeside Park

A Mountain Overlooking Lake Lucerne

A View From our Cruise Boat

The Famous Pedestrian Bridge in Lucerne

(I mistakenly placed it in Basel in a previous post)

Basel and Lucerne were our last stops on our European trip. It was a wonderful experience for the four of us. Our accommodations on the riverboat were quite nice, the food was excellent, and the Viking staff treated us like royalty.

It was truly a bon voyage.

2 thoughts on “Lake Lucerne

  1. On my trip to Switzerland, I also had the pleasure of the Lake Lucene boat cruise!!Small world!!! Betty Sept., 19, 2021

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  2. Beautiful photos Sandy. Charles and I also went to Lucerne together. I am surprised not to see the pedestrian bridge with out the window boxes filled with geraniums. But it is still a lovely sight and I feel very nostalgic about it


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