Thou Doth Protest Too Much

(Prior to posting the following I learned that the Antrim, Michigan, lawsuit had been dismissed.  The judge did not allow Attorney DePerno to present his evidence but ruled that the Michigan secretary of state had already done an audit, and a further one was unnecessary. At the same time, there is fierce opposition to continuing the audit in Maricopa County, Arizona.  Time is running out for the challengers.)    

The Democrat establishment and its friends in the media insist that the 2020 Presidential election was fair and that those who say otherwise are either dishonest or deluded.  They tend to ridicule anyone who believes that Trump was the actual election winner.  These deluded fools are regarded as being in a class with flat-earthers.  Nevertheless, some Republican (not all) continue to challenge election results. These naysayers are denied access to major news outlets, so they must rely on other methods to get their opinions disseminated among themselves and to the American public.

Even assuming there was no significant election fraud, the enormous influence of the mainstream media on the final outcome is indisputable.  Almost without exception, the principal purveyors of national news disliked and distrusted President Trump. Their news reports were filled with negative stories about his administration.  Damaging information about the Bidens was neither printed in newspapers nor reported by major news channels; therefore, American voters were not properly informed before casting their votes on November 3.

It was journalistic malpractice on a massive scale and grossly unfair to President Trump.

Journalistic bias and obfuscation continued long after the election, and stories of election cheating are still being suppressed.  Those brave or stupid enough to make these charges are gradually being forced off all major public forums.

But what about claims of significant election fraud?  Is there any truth to these charges?

Election challenges are underway in several states, but the most interesting ones are taking place in Michigan and Arizona.

In Michigan, the effort is being led by an attorney named Michael DePerno.  DePerno recently stated that a survey of 9 of Michigan’s 83 counties revealed 66,000 votes that could not be traced to actual voters.  In other words, these were phantom voters.  If these results are representative of other counties, it means that Michigan actually went for Trump.  Of course, there are others in Michigan who say that DePerno is propagating a lie and that the actual vote numbers validate a Biden win.

In Pennsylvania other apparently reputable researchers reported a similar pattern of phantom voting.  Again, it remains to be proven.

Whom shall we believe?      

In Arizona, the Maricopa audit is well underway.  As I understand it, the review of ballots is being scrupulously supervised, and I hope that the outcome will accurately reveal vote totals in Maricopa County in the November 2020 election.

There is fierce opposition to recounts.  All manner of court challenges are being mounted, and the jury is still out as to whether Democrats will be successful in quashing the effort.  What are these Democrats afraid of?  The truth?  It appears that if they fail to stop these audits by legal action, left-wing extremists will resort to lies and sabotage to destroy the efficacy of any election review.

For Republicans, these audits are a great gamble. Ever since the election, many Republicans have been crying fraud. In Antrim, Michigan, and in Maricopa County, Arizona, their charges are being put to the test.  If audits in these places are successfully completed and no significant fraud is revealed, those Republicans who made allegations of election skulduggery will have egg all over their faces, and charges of a stolen election will collapse. On the other hand, if serious cheating is uncovered, there will be calls for a review of election outcomes in other states.

I have no real evidence of cheating, but because of numerous anomalies in voting patterns I am persuaded that the Presidential election was compromised, and I believe audit results will tend to prove that fact.  I hope the audits can be successfully completed.  Nevertheless, no matter how the audits turn out, the 2020 election will not be reversed.  It’s too late.

P.S.  It is interesting to observe how furiously Democrat activists fight against audits. Biden has gone so far as to have the DOJ question the Maricopa proceedings.  Why do this if there is nothing to hide?  It seems to me that all good citizens would wish to discover facts about the accuracy of vote counts.  Borrowing a line from Shakespeare, I suggest that the Democrats “doth protest too much.”  

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