Devastating Charges

This morning, May 10, 2023, Representative James Comer, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, leveled a series of devastating charges against President Biden and his family. Comer was joined by other members of the committee in detailing a sordid tale of corruption extending over a period of years, much of it occurring during the eight years that Biden served as Vice President. The charges are evidently supported by a massive amount of evidence that the committee intends to share with the public.

The questions are:

How will the President respond? Either he is a liar and a corrupt politician, or the committee is composed of a host of conspiracy nitwits who are making something out of nothing. After listening to the news conference this morning, I believe the committee members are the ones to be believed, and Biden should be impeached.

Do Democrat Party leaders love their country enough to join with Republicans in getting rid of this scoundrel?

How will the media respond? For the most part, the media pundits have been supporters of the Administration. They have given Biden cover for years. Will these new revelations cause them to change their perspective? Will we get any honest investigative reporting?

What will the DOJ do? We need a true Independent Counsel as never before. Will Garland appoint one?

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