A New Note on the Jordan Family

Recently my son Stuart Jordan was able to establish a close yDNA connection with a man named Neil Jordan who was born in Wiltshire, UK.  Neil is definitely in Group #8 of FTDNA’s Jordan Surname Project; he is also able to trace his paternal Jordan line back to a William Jordan of Wiltshire who married Alys/Alice Sparks in 1576. Neil was unable to find any connection with Samuel Jordan  of the Sea Venture or the brothers Ignatius and Sylvester Jordaine.  Previously it had been assumed that Samuel Jordan and Sylvester Jordaine were cousins, but perhaps the Jordaine(s) of Dorset and Devon and the Jordan(s) of Wiltshire and Jamestown were not related.  More research is required.  Hopefully, someday a descendant of Ignatius or Sylvester will take the yDNA test.

I encourage you to examine the chart below.

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