Sad Times, Dangerous Times

In recent months I have posted very few articles. The reason is that I am troubled by the almost unending litany of bad news, and I have become weary expressing my concerns to the few who read my blog..

Those persons at the helm of our ship of state appear to be corrupt to the core. They have opened our borders to a veritable flood of undocumented immigrants, among whom are many criminals and probable terrorists. They have warped our justice system and converted it into an instrument to protect themselves while going after their political opponents. They assault the very foundations of our civil society by adopting the sexual anarchists who wish to redefine gender and destroy the bedrock concept of family. They wish to indoctrinate our children in their new world order. They hurl the charge of “racist” or “bigot” at anyone who questions their agenda.

Yes, I tremble for America. It grieves me that so many good people appear blind to the evil machinations of those now leading our nation.

Wake up, citizens! 2024 is key. We must vote the rascals out!

Meantime, pray for our country.

And God bless you all.

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