Patriots Unite!

Now is the time for all who love our country to come together.

Our nation is being led by a corrupt and senile old man surrounded by a coterie of self-seeking incompetents. This administration is destroying us! Sadly, our once dependable media no longer stands for truth and justice. Only the willfully blind fail to see the looming danger.

Please! I urge Republican leaders to call a convention to address this crisis. Develop a platform that reflects our nations highest values. Call for much needed reforms such as term limits, election integrity, etc. Put aside you own egos in quest of part unity, and throw you support behind the candidate who best reflects our common values and who can lead the American people to victory in 2024.

Invite freedom loving Democrats and independents join in a crusade for national renewal.

These are not ordinary times. Our nation teeters toward an abyss, and every loyal American should rush to defend our liberty.

Patriots unite!

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