A Fast Path Toward Disaster

I feared for the future when Joseph Biden was elected President of the United States. I knew that he was a political hack of limited ability. Nevertheless, I took heart from my belief that he could do only so much harm in four years as our chief executive. I also hoped that he would somehow grow into the responsibilities of his office.

I was wrong. President Biden has been a disaster. Under his leadership we are on a fast path toward disaster. He has managed to lose the United States its energy independence, create massive inflation, reverse our progress toward fair trade agreements, open our borders to the unchecked inflow of foreign nationals, pervert our Department of Justice, alarm many of our foreign friends, and cause several powerful nations to join in a coalition to weaken or perhaps destroy us.

At the same time the corruption of the Biden family is gradually being exposed, and the President’s mental acuity, never a strong point, has further declined. Even more troubling, he appears to be loading his administration with persons of questionable competence and dubious honesty.

Can our nation survive another20 months under this man?

Pray for America.

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