The Biggest Lie

Following the 2020 elections, I beat the subject of voting anomalies and electoral chicanery almost to death.  Even before the most recent election fiasco, I was determined to abandon any further discussion of the subject.  Nevertheless, it infuriates me to know that we were cheated in 2020 and that left-wing pundits label me and many of my fellow conservatives as liars for continuing to question the outcome.  They themselves are the liars, and in terms of its damage to the body politic, theirs is perhaps the biggest lie in American history.. I therefore decided to post at least one more article on the subject.

The following is extracted from a recent Federalist opinion piece by Mollie Hemingway.  She did an extensive review of the 2020 election which she described in her book Rigged.  She is an excellent researcher, and this article summarizes some of her major findings.

The 2020 election was a massive wake-up call for many Americans on the right. In the months leading up to it, Democrats forced through changes to hundreds of laws and processes governing how elections are conducted. 

The rule-change scheme was run by Marc Elias, a Democrat election attorney who also ran his party’s Russia collusion hoax, which falsely claimed Donald Trump stole the 2016 election by colluding with Russia. Sometimes Democrats’ 2020 changes were instituted legally. Frequently, though, they were effected by other means, such as getting a friendly state or local official to change the rules unilaterally.

The 2020 election plan, some of which was admitted to in a flattering Time magazine story, sought to flood the zone with tens of millions of unsupervised mail-in ballots, historically understood to be riper for fraud and other election irregularities than supervised, in-person voting. The plan also involved the private takeover of government election offices to run Democrat-focused get-out-the-vote operations. Mark Zuckerberg, one of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful men, financed the project, doling out $419 million to two left-wing groups that focused grants and assistance to government offices in the Democrat areas of swing states.

This radical change — “practically a revolution in how people vote,” as Time put it — included the widespread practice of placing ballot drop boxes predominantly in Democrat areas of the country, mailing out unsolicited mail-in ballots or applications for mail-in ballots, using well-funded teams of ballot harvesters both inside and outside of government, lowering and changing the standards for mail-in ballot acceptance, and fixing or “curing” ballots that were improperly filled out. 

Corporate media and other Democrats claimed the election was the best-run in history. In reality, it was a mess. Big Tech and the media ran coordinated disinformation campaigns to benefit Democrats by suppressing news that hurt the party. Big Tech also deplatformed effective conservative voices and media outlets, suppressed fundraising emails from Republicans , and elevated certain information to help Democrats. 

There were other problems. Candidate debates occurred long after mail-in and early balloting began. Poll observers were sidelined under the guise of a Covid “emergency.” The counting of ballots cast via unsupervised, mail-in voting resulted in curious and confusing results. It took days and sometimes weeks to find out how many ballots were cast, much less for whom. In the end, Americans learned that Joseph Biden, who had spent most of his campaign at home, had become the most popular American president in history, collecting an astounding 81 million votes.

Such was Hemmingway’s evaluation of the 2020 election.  She obviously believes that the results that year do not reflect the true wishes of the American people. I am in complete agreement with her.

In 2022 it seemed that the Republicans might be ready.  Forewarned by the Democrat’s 2020 strategy, the Republicans sought to develop effective countermeasures.  Unfortunately, their comeback must considered an overall failure.  The Senate remains in Democrat control, though the Republicans managed to eke out a small margin in the House.  Considering the gross incompetence of the Biden administration, rampant inflation, and the general dissatisfaction of the American electorate, those results were very surprising to me.

Why did this happen? 

The mainstream media continues to be  overwhelmingly pro-Democrat, and news coverage is extremely biased in that party’s favor.  The incompetence and possible criminality of certain Democrat Party leaders remains unexposed, and the DOJ appears to be totally corrupt.

The current election procedures, especially mail-in voting, favor Democrats.  Some on the right suggest abandoning the fight for election integrity and learning to game the system in the manner of Democrats.  I view that as a very cynical attitude.  I would much prefer pushing for true electoral reforms.

In the meantime, we Republicans pin our hopes on 2024.  Despite the many obstacles, we must fight our way through to victory.

Never give up!

One thought on “The Biggest Lie

  1. Democrats lack of ethics and opposition to patriots is shown in many fronts.

    I remember Tea Party and other conservative organizations being blocked from non-profit status.

    If anyone hears that this new Trump ‘special’ persecutor has such a history but you don’t remember, here is a Judicial Watch article from that time. See, Democrats have been anti-Trump BEFORE Trump. IT IS US THEY ARE ATTACKING! EVERY TIME! WE NEED TRUMP!


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