I have lived in this country for more than 93 years.  I graduated from high school and college, served overseas in the United States Army, and worked for 37 years at the National Security Agency.  I am a professing Christian, consider myself a patriot, and am proud to call myself an American.

I have experienced good times and bad times, times of war and times of peace.  I have never been more concerned about the future of America than I am at this moment.

I am deeply troubled about what is going on in Washington.

I fear we are losing our nation!!!

Misguided radicals in the Biden administration, and especially in the Department of Justice, are flouting our sacred democratic and legal principles by seeking to destroy a political opponent whom they despise.

Think what you will of former President Trump, like him or hate him, there can be no excuse for this political vendetta against the man.. 

Trump was investigated and essentially cleared by a DOJ special counsel appointed in 2017. The charge was that he had colluded with Russian operatives, but evidence for this was shown to have been fabricated. The investigation lasted almost two years.  Trump was then impeached by the Democrat controlled House of Representatives on a somewhat nebulous charge that he had pressured the Ukranian president to investigate activities by the Bidens in his country..  He was acquitted by the Senate.  Later, immediately after the 2020 election, Trump was impeached again by the House, this time in connection with the January 6 assault on the Capitol.  He was already out of office by the time of trial, and the Senate acquitted him once more.

You would think that was enough, but it wasn’t.

In the summer of 2022, the DOJ authorized a raid on the private residence of the former President at Mar-a-Lago.  Numerous documents were seized.  That sort of action is unprecedented in American history.

Now, shortly after Trump announced that he will be a candidate for the Presidency in 2024, the DOJ has appointed another special counsel to investigate him again.  Part of the charge relates to the January 6 affair, something for which he had already been tried and acquitted by the Senate. Why?  It seems obvious that Trump’s opponents are determined to prevent him from ever running for office again.

What are they afraid of?  Perhaps they are afraid of being exposed.  It appears that the Biden family and the DOJ are totally corrupt. 

I do not make this accusation lightly.  Please consider the following.

  • There has been a veritable avalanche of incriminating evidence about probable criminal activities by Joseph Biden and his son Hunter in the Ukraine and in China while the father was Vice President.
  • Hunter Biden’s laptop has been in the possession of FBI agents since late 2019.  Based on those contents that have been made public, Hunter should have been residing in a Federal cell for many months now, with some years yet to be served.
  • The DOJ has filed no charges against Hunter, nor has it appointed a special prosecutor to investigate President Biden.
  • The Durham investigation revealed unethical and probably criminal activities by FBI agents and their hirelings in their attempt to bring down Trump on the false Russia collusion charges. There is also evidence that Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign was involved in the fabrication of derogatory information about her opponent. DOJ seems reluctant to pursue the truth about these matters or to prosecute the guilty parties..
  • The DOJ is prosecuting January 6 protesters mercilessly.  Whereas some of the agitators probably deserve harsh treatment, many sentences appear excessive and beyond any measure of fairness or true justice.
  • The FBI has failed to make any arrests following numerous attacks on pregnancy support centers, at the same time they have arrested a number of anti-abortion activists for protesting in front of abortion clinics in early 2021.

What more evidence do we need?  Justice is no longer blind, it is skewed to punish Trump supporters while protecting the Biden administration.

If this situation is allowed to continue, it will tear our country apart.

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