In all honesty, I must admit that I am terribly disappointed with yesterday’s election results.  As things now stand, the Republicans will probably take the House with a small majority.  The Senate remains very much in doubt.

The outcome forces me to reevaluate.   My conclusions are as follows:

  • Although I admire Trump for his many accomplishments and for his fortitude, I fear that he has become a drag in elections.  Too many voters hate the man and will never vote for him or anyone he supports.  More than anything, I wish to defeat the anti-Christian progressives; and I will throw my support behind the candidate giving us the best chance of victory in 2024.
  • DeSantis has been extremely effective as governor and seems to have broad appeal to Republicans, independents, and some Democrats.  His values appear to align with my own.  He had an amazing victory in yesterday’s election, and many Americans would like to see him as a candidate for President in 2024.
  • If Trump and DeSantis contest for the Republican nomination in 2024, I pray that the best man wins.  I tend to think that a President Trump would be more effective in cleaning out the swamp.  A President DeSantis would have a better chance of uniting the country.  I also believe that DeSantis would be more likely to win a general election than Trump.
  • Above all, I urge both DeSantis and Trump to work for party unity.  If there is a contest for the nomination, the loser should support the nominee.  I believe DeSantis would.  I’m not so sure about Trump.  Divided we lose.

One final comment.  It mystifies me that the good people of Pennsylvania decided to elect a man like John Fetterman.  It makes me tremble for the future of democracy.

This will probably be my last post on politics for awhile

God bless our nation!

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