Rot at the Top

Over the past several years, the steady stream of incriminating information forced me to believe it even before now, but recent disclosures in John Durham’s trial of Igor Danchenko and others should prove to everyone that there is  corruption in the very highest echelons of the FBI and Department of Justice.  Beginning in 2016, government officials deliberately lied and twisted facts in an attempt to bring down Donald Trump.  Finally, in November 2020, they succeeded by suppressing the truth about the Bidens and ensuring the election of an incompetent and corrupt man to the Presidency.  The nation is paying a terrible price as a result of their dishonest machinations.

I am terribly disappointed to have this damning information confirmed.  I take no pleasure in it. I was employed for the Federal government for forty years, and I had high respect for many that worked there.  I would not have believed that such evil collusion could have occurred at that level. 

Unfortunately, it did.  The facts support no other conclusion.

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