Perhaps 60% of American voters are hard-wired.  If you pin a party label on a pig, 30% of voters would vote for that pig if the label identified it as a Democrat; another 30% would support the same pig if the label read Republican.  During an election, the real effort is to gain votes from that 40% of the electorate who might be persuaded to support your candidate based on his or her personality and the issues.

This extreme party loyalty may be based on one’s identification with that party’s governing philosophy or platform; at other times it is purely instinctive or traditional.

Nowhere is the actuality of hard-wired party loyalty demonstrated more clearly than today in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  On the evening of October 25, Mehmet Oz and John Fetterman, opposing candidates for the United States Senate, had their one and only debate.  Fetterman, the Democrat candidate, is severely handicapped by the aftereffects of a debilitating stroke, and his debate performance was miserable.  He was often incoherent and contradictory in his responses, and his positions on the most important issues were untenable.  After the debate was over, who could continue to support this man.  The answer is, hard-wired Democrats and their dishonest friends in the media. Fetterman continues to receive more than 30% of voter support.

I must confess that over the course of time I too have become hard-wired.  Prior to the 1980s I often voted for Democrat as well as Republican candidates for political office.  I was a registered Democrat until 1993.  Now, in today’s environment, I vote a straight Republican ticket.  The anti-Christian, pro-abortion, big government Democrats have completely alienated me, and I cannot understand how anyone of good conscience can remain in the Democrat party.  Unless there is a complete change in Democrat Party leadership and in their platform, no member of that party will ever get my vote. I’m now a hard-wired Republican

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