At times when I reflect on my youth I am somewhat embarrassed to admit to my sexual naiveté.  I was a voracious reader, and the heroes of my novels were always men of honor, and the young ladies who populated the pages of these books were as pure as the driven snow.  This is the way I thought of the young girls of my acquaintance.  I could not conceive of them having a sinful thought or sexual fantasy.  I was aware of the “naughty girls,” but I avoided them.  

I would never admit my idealistic romanticism to my friends, male or female.  To be honest, I must confess that my own thoughts occasionally strayed into forbidden pastures; nevertheless, I usually kept them under tight control, and they never morphed into action.  In the company of males I would sometimes pretend to be a sophisticate, but it was a sham. In reality, my teen years were mostly lived in a demiworld of noble knights and virtuous demoiselles.  I resembled a 20th century Man of La Mancha, without the windmills.

To illustrate how sexually dumb I was, I relate the following true story.

My mother had a rather attractive thirty-year-old African American woman who worked for her once or twice a week.  I began driving at the age of sixteen, so I was soon called on to drive this woman home.  Naturally, she sat in the back seat.  I believed that to be somewhat condescending, so I asked her to join me in front.  She refused.  It was a year or so afterwards before I began to understand why.  My offer was entirely innocent, but how could she know that?  Also, she was doubtless thinking of appearances.

As I say, I was dumb.

One thought on “Naiveté

  1. I have no idea of the demographics of the readership of your columns, but I know how most young people (less than 50) might read this recollection. So, iI decided to remove some doubt, disbelief, and naiveté for such readers.

    You see,, the article described ME. Icould have written that.. Except that we did not have any hired help of any color, sex, or age. If we had, I would have done the exact same thing to show respect and chivalry to any woman past her teens. Fact.

    If the young reader can grasp the reality of a generation that moral, do you want to know what the “morality” of your generation looks like to us? I’d start with pointing out that today, the great cause of death in our nation is women and their Godless ‘medical professionals’ at Planned Parenthood and such. It had been heart attacks and traffic accidents. You’ve got a problem we never had.


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