Beneath the Black Walnut

My son Stuart McGuire Jordan recently published Beneath the Black Walnut: A Jordan Genealogy.  This was the second and much improved edition of this book.. 

Quoting from the introduction:

“The Samuel Jordan who arrived in Jamestown in 1610 is thought to have been the first of our family name in English America.  Thomas Jordan of Chuckatuck (1634-1699), believed by many to have been Samuel’s grandson, fathered at least ten sons of his own – all of whom survived childhood.  The original Jordan family thus proliferated.

“In the meantime, other Jordan men were arriving in the New World.  Some were closely related to the original Jordan settlers, others were not.  One of these closely related families turned up in Virginia’s Middle Peninsula in the mid-18th century in the persons of brothers Robert and Henry Jordan.  These two men and their progeny are the focus of this book.”

Stuart is a meticulous researcher, and this splendid genealogy is a product of years of examining original sources (court documents, land records, wills, census data, etc.)  Starting with Robert and Henry, it contains a treasure chest of information about succeeding Jordan generations and various family interconnections.

The limited print version of this book, ISBN: 979-8-218-04020-8, can currently be found in several state and regional libraries, including multiple locations in Virginia, Missouri, Tennessee, and Washington DC, as well as one location each in Louisiana, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Utah.  One or more of these libraries should allow circulation.  Always check back with WORLDCAT for the latest information.  

Unfortunately, all 52 print copies have already been spoken for, but this book will soon be available as a PDF file, ISBN: 979-8-218-08598-8, which can be emailed upon request.

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