Hugging the Devil

Perhaps the most difficult concept for progressives to accept is the Biblical truth that evil exists. Evil is palpable, and at times it is demonic. Ask the survivors of Auschwitz.

Progressives are often willfully ignorant in their view of evil and sin, and they act as if these concepts are medieval fabrications. They condemn the church for what they regard as its narrow bigotry, and they tend to think of almost any human behavior as allowable. For instance, a wild eyed liberal friend of mine once insisted that copulation in the streets was okay so long as it didn’t impede traffic.

They hate the social strictures imposed by religious teaching.  They prefer to believe that anything they do is acceptable when on the path to self-fulfillment

If the Devil and Christ were walking on separate sides of a street, these progressive idiots would urge the two to hug and issue a statement of reconciliation.

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