1776 Reinterpreted

(I copied the following from an internet site last week.  Unfortunately, I failed to note the source for proper credit. )

“Broadway is giving our founding fathers gender reassignment surgery.

“The new Broadway revival of the classic musical 1776 features a cast comprised entirely of women, transgender, and “non-binary” actors. The woke staging, courtesy of the prestigious Roundabout Theatre Company and American Repertory Theater, officially opened Thursday at the American Airlines Theatre in New York, with a national tour expected to kick off next year.  1776 dramatizes the signing of the Declaration of Independence, following John Adams (played by actress Crystal Lucas-Perry) as he attempts to persuade members of the Continental Congress in Philadelphia to declare independence from Britain.

“Among the transgender and “non-binary” cast members is a performer named Sav Souza in the role of founding father Dr. Josiah Bartlett, who represented New Hampshire in the Continental Congress. Souza recently declared on Instagram that transgender people existed back in 1776. Souza wrote, ‘Trans People Have Always Existed – they existed in 1776, and they absolutely exist ON BROADWAY!’”

Note: Perhaps Souza is correct, perhaps not..  I’m certain trans people exist on Broadway today.  As for 1776, I wasn’t around at that time, but during my 93 years on earth and thousands of personal interactions I have never encountered a person that I knew or who claimed to be transgender.  It may be that I move in the wrong circles.

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