He, She, and It

The ongoing gender war is madness.  The LGBT+ Community is pushing the concept of there being a variety of genders beyond male and female.  It is absolute nonsense, but they seem to have the all-out support of progressives, and that includes the Democrat Party leadership and its allies in the media and academia.  As for the Democrat party rank and file, I hope they know not what they do.  Unfortunately, the idiocy is not confined to the United States.  These madmen are turning western civilization upside down.  They are attacking marriage, family, and Christianity, the very sinews of our society.  We are in great danger.

It seems to be some sort of contagious insanity.  How else can one explain it?

As an example, John Fetterman, Democrat candidate for the United States Senate in Pennsylvania, recently announced to a pro-abortion convention that his name was John Fetterwoman, and he would fight to codify Roe v Wade and permit abortion up until the very moment of birth.

The madness spreads.

Good Lord, grant us strength in this time of trial.

Please! Vote in November!!!

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