Know Your Enemy

Generally speaking, most of us tend to regard one’s sexual preferences and behavior as a private, personal matter. Only when that behavior spills over into the public arena does it become a concern.  That all changed with the birth of the aggressive LGBT movement.

In recent years the acronym has been expanded to : LGBTQIA+

“L” stands for Lesbian: A woman emotionally, romantically or sexually attracted to other women. “G” stands for Gay: Used to describe men attracted to the same sex OR anyone attracted to the same or similar genders. “B” stands for Bisexual: People attracted to more than one gender..”T” stands for Transgender: Those whose gender identity and/or expression differs from cultural expectations. Being transgender does not imply any specific sexual orientation. Some non-binary people identify as trans, while others do not. “Q” has two meanings. First, queer, a catch-all to include those who do not identify as exclusively straight and/or folks who have non-binary or gender fluid identities. “Q” can also stand for those, questioning their identity. “I” stands for Intersex: Those born with differences in their sex traits and reproductive anatomy. “A” stands for Asexual: People are those who lack a sexual attraction or sexual interest in others. The “+” symbol: Leaves room for the other sexual identities and orientations not covered in the acronym.

Homosexual behavior has been observed and reported on throughout recorded history, even during periods when homosexual acts were subject to severe penalties.  Yet a close study of the record reveals that homosexual activity has been much more frequent in some societies, during certain periods of history, and in particular environments.  This indicates that homosexual behavior itself may be learned or unlearned, practiced or not practiced,  regardless of whether or not there is an inborn disposition toward homosexuality in some individuals.  Even when suppressed, it appears that there will always be a small percentage of active homosexuals among a general population.

Transgenders are an entirely different matter.  By their own definition, a transgender person is one who feels and acts as if his or her gender is different from the gender assigned at birth.  That original assignment was based on the infant’s physical (sexual) features. The awareness that one is transgender can occur at any age, and this awareness becomes one’s gender identity   Denying that someone has changed his or her gender might cause that person acute psychological distress (dysphoria).  Relatively few transgender people undergo medical treatments to make their bodies more congruent with their newfound gender identity.

In essence, this definition of a transgender person means that a one’s sexual identity is determined by that person’s mind, not by his or her physical features (including genitalia). Perhaps more than 99% of the time a person’s physiology and his/her mind are in agreement about sexual identity, but when there is a disconnect the transgender person believes the mind is determinative.

Transgenderism is a relatively new social phenomenon.  Of course, there have been  individuals throughout history who did not fit into a neat sexual niche, but these instances were so rare that  no label was needed to describe them.  The term transgender is a modern  contrivance.

Transgender persons evidently make up a very small percentage of the overall population, but in a nation our size there are undoubtedly hundreds of thousands of them. Many are concentrated in certain areas of the country or in artistic communities in which their sometimes unusual life styles are less likely to cause disapprobation. Their numbers are growing through the influence of social networking; and they have been adopted by the progressive wing of the Democrat Party, thus acquiring influence and power far beyond their actual numbers.

Transgenders actively seek to recruit young people to their ranks, and they advocate what is euphemistically referred to as gender affirming surgery for pre-pubescent children.  Astonishingly, some doctors and hospitals go along with this barbaric practice.

The LGBT community is hell-bent on reshaping western culture in accordance with its own concepts,  They seek a new order based on human reason and free from religious cant. Traditional Christian beliefs are in its crosshairs.  I’m convinced that transgenders in particular suffer from a form of infectious insanity and are in rebellion against God. Advancing their agenda would mean the death of civilization.

We Christians must defend the faith.  Remember, “our struggle is not against flesh and blood,but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil.”

Know your enemy!

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