Unequal Justice

In August I wrote an article entitled “American Gestapo” in which I criticized the heavy handed tactics used by the FBI in arresting citizens who pose no danger of violence.  Two days ago my son Harold posted an item about the strange priorities of the FBI and DOJ. Today I will beat that same drum again. I will keep beating it until we throw the rascals out. 

Last week in Pennsylvania, heavily armed FBI agents arrested a pro-life activist in front of his wife and children.  His crime?  Many months prior to this arrest someone had accused this person of impeding access to an abortion clinic.  He had been acquitted of any crime by a local court, but now, many months later, Attorney General Merrick Garlands’s DOJ executed a show arrest.  Topping off the insult, the activist’s lawyer said that his client had offered to voluntarily surrender. Obviously, the forceful arrest was intended to terrify and humiliate.  

This week the outrage continued.  Federal agents arrested eleven pro-life activists in Tennessee for a peaceful protest at an abortion clinic that took place over a year ago. The wife of one of those arrested posted photographs showing armed FBI agents surrounding her home.  The eleven pro-life activists face up to eleven years in prison and $250,000 in fines.

In the meantime, I am not aware of a single arrest in connection with the score or more attacks on pregnancy care centers across America.

Can you understand why I am increasingly concerned about the state of justice in the United States? I fear for our nation.

Is this equal justice under the law?

Something is obviously rotten in the state of Denmark.

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