Pork, Pork, and More Pork

Members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives should be ashamed of themselves.  They should be, but most of them aren’t.

Even as the winds of Hurricane Ian subsided and the body count mounted, controversy began to arise over the relief plans.  It always happens this way.  These idiots in Washington never learn.  Unfortunately, most voters pay no attention to what is really going on.

No one in Congress opposes relief.  Almost every senator and representative will support any reasonable relief proposal.  The problem is that many congressmen take advantage of disaster relief legislation to stuff it with loads of money for unrelated projects.  It’s a travesty.  As a result of these shenanigans, Senator Marco Rubio recently spoke out against some relief proposals and was immediately attacked for his insensitivity.   What absolute nonsense!  Rubio wants to help his fellow Floridians, but he is opposed to throwing more money away.on Pelosi’s pet causes.  The same thing happened years ago in relation to Hurricane Sandy.  At that time DeSantis criticized Obama and Christie for loading hurricane relief bills with pork.  Now the Democrats charge DeSantis with hypocrisy because he seeks legitimate relief funds for Florida.  How dishonest can they be?

In another month we vote.  Let’s throw the! rascals out!!

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