Biden’s Follies (A Partial List)

FOLLY ONE:  In his quest to slow the pace of global warming, Biden declared war on the American fossil fuel industry.  No green energy substitute was immediately available, so our nation quickly transitioned from a state of fuel independence to a situation where we were partially dependent on foreign suppliers.  The price of fuel skyrocketed, as did the cost of everything.

FOLLY TWO:  Biden’s war on the American fuel industry was actually injurious to the international effort to slow global warming.  As we cut back on our oil and gas production, nations like Russia, Iran, Venezuela and others began to produce more oil and coal, and they did it much less efficiently and at much greater cost to the environment.  Coal production in China has been increasing at a prodigious pace.  The war on global warming took a backward step.

FOLLY THREE:   With excess American oil and gas no longer available to our European friends, they have become increasingly dependent on producers in Russia, Iran and other nations that do not have our or our allies’ best interests at heart.  At the same time, the Russia, Iranian and Venezuelan economies have been resuscitated.  These nations are our enemies.  

FOLLY FOUR:   As Biden and friends push electric vehicles and other alternatives to fossil fuels, they apparently do not comprehend our heavy reliance on China for the materials necessary for conversion to other forms of energy.  Where do the solar panels come from and the heavy blades used in our giant windmills?  In addition, China has a virtual monopoly on production of the rare earth elements so vital to the production of batteries. 

FOLLY FIVE:   Will converting to electric cars, solar power, and wind be that much of a game changer in the fight against carbon emissions?  Does Biden realize that the electricity used to charge our electric cars is produced in power plants fueled by gas or coal?  Also, replacing fossil fuel with other power sources will probably take decades – perhaps more than a century.

To be honest, I’m not certain that Biden understands anything.  He was never the brightest bulb in town, and now he appears to be a walking shadow.

America is paying a terrible price for electing this man.

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