Gun-toting Tax Collectors?

In the soon to be enacted so-called Inflation Reduction Act there are clauses calling for the hiring an additional 87,000 IRS agents, virtually doubling the size of that department.  Many of these new agents are to be armed.


President Biden has assured us on many occasions that any new taxes being imposed will not affect anyone earning less than $400 thousand per year.  Those making more than that amount are a very small percentage of taxpayers.  Do we need that many new agents to go after those few? Or perhaps it’s to put the squeeze on those less affluent citizens who sometimes pad their deductibles.

But do we need armed IRS agents?  Also, do we need to spend an additional 80 billion dollars on the IRS?

Unfortunately, Democrat members of Congress marched lock-step behind their leaders to pass this idiotic legislation.  Although labeled the Inflation Reduction Act, it will do absolutely nothing for us in that area.

May the good Lord protect us.   

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