Bring Out the Lanterns

Diogenes of Athens is perhaps best known for carrying a lighted lantern in the daytime and saying that he was looking for an honest man.

Pundits on every side of every issue are screaming at us with their version of the truth. 

Liz Cheney tells us that Donald Trump is a threat to the republic.  I believe she honestly believes that.  Yet, at the same time, she chums around with proven liars and participates in star chamber proceedings that are an affront to fairness and good government.

Michael Hayden had a distinguished Air Force career and is former director of NSA and the CIA.  He also perceives Trump as a threat.   He applauded the recent raid on Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago and seemed to suggest that the former President should be executed if he was in possession of certain classified materials.  Pardon me, General Hayden, but that is idiotic!

Christopher Wray was appointed as FBI Chief by Trump in 2017.  Although a Republican and a member of the Federalist Society, he evidently had many disagreements with Trump.  In 2020 Trump wished to fire Wray but was dissuaded by AG Barr.  Wray approved the last week’s raid on Mar-a-Lago, and it seems he is linked to those determined to bar Trump from ever running for office again.  At the same time, Wray has shown appalling disinterest and lack of vigor in pursuing the apparently multifarious misdeeds of President Biden’s son Hunter.  The CIA has had possession of Hunter’s incriminating laptop since before the 2020 election.  (We must allow, however, that the problem may lie in the DOJ rather than the FBI.)

Trump’s propensity for offending people for whom I had respect concerns me.  Why do so many who know him consider him unfit for high office?  Are they correct?

Of course, Trump has his supporters.  Many of those persons rallying to his defense are solid citizens whose views carry just as much weight as Cheney’s, Hayden’s and Wray’s.

You have crazies and conspiracy theorists on both sides of the partisan divide mouthing nonsense, but it appears that the great majority of these crazies are leftists.  I’m convinced that the Trump derangement syndrome is very real and often evolves into a true psychosis.

I have no lantern.  All I can do is make a judgment based on the limited facts available to me.

The “establishment” has been trying to destroy Donald Trump for the last six years, and they have thrown everything at him but the Capitol dome.  That might be next.  All their efforts to annihilate him have failed.  In the meantime, during his time in office Trump initiated many policies that seemed good for America.  Once Biden and his cronies took the reins, they quickly turned our nation onto a path leading toward destruction.  It appears that the Democrat Party has been captured by Christian hating progressives touting a big government socialistic agenda.

With the recent raid on Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s enemies are again attempting to take him out.  I think they will fail again.  Unless they find proof that Trump signed a pact with the Devil, I believe it likely that he will run again for President in 2024.

One cannot help but admire his stamina.  Who else could have achieved so much while fighting his way through a swamp filled with alligators.  If he runs, he’ll get my vote

One thought on “Bring Out the Lanterns

  1. It seems that this is just another attempt to destroy Trump just like the whole Trump Russia Collusion story that was spread by the major news networks, the Democrats and the Never Trumpers starting in July of 2016. We now know that there was NO basis in fact and that that story was a complete fabrication by Michael Steele at the behest of Hilllary Clinton’s campaign. But yet the FBI publicly supported that story too for four years before very quietly announcing that it was all a fabrication. And need I add that for several years, the top management in the FBI was telling it’s own field agents that they had documents Proving the Trump Russia collusion! This coming after the 1 1/2 hour FBI interview with Hillary Clinton after which the FBI stated that she had an illegal file server and that it had been hacked by the Russians and secret documents had been on the server and had been stolen by the Russians but the FBI then claimed that Hillary was innocent of any wrong doing because she had not INTENTIONALLY given secret documents to the Russians!

    Is it any wonder that no one in the United States no longer actually believes anything that the FBI says?


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