The Raid

The FBI raid on Donald Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago was a profound shock.  I can think of no precedent in the history of the American republic.  Unless the raid exposes some truly damning and illegal activities on the part of the former President, it will do great damage to the FBI, the DOJ and the Biden administration.  These institutions are already under attack for their obvious bias in the application of criminal statutes.  Persons like Hillary Clinton, Hunter Biden, and Eric Holder have not been charged.  Associates of Donald Trump are subject to humiliating arrests and merciless prosecution.   

Thus far there has been no explanation of the purpose of the Mar-a-Lago raid or any justification of it. Surely Attorney General Garland and FBI Director Wray realize the seriousness of their action.  The nation is seriously divided, and feelings run deep.  How can they warrant this armed invasion of the home of Trump, leader of the political opposition and someone who has the support of tens of millions of Americans?

I and my fellow citizens anxiously await word from the DOJ explaining their action.  I doubt that they can justify what they did.     

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