The Mayor Changes Her Mind

Recent news reports indicate that Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington D.C. is mobilizing the National Guard to deal with the influx of undocumented emigrees from the south.  Four thousand or more of these people have recently arrived in her city, many of them being bused in from Texas.  The Texas governor wishes to share the burden created by President Biden’s open border policy.  More than a hundred thousand illegals are pouring over our southern border every month.  Unfortunately, D.C. homeless shelters and social service agencies seem unable to deal with the increasing load, so the mayor is calling on the guard.  The question remains, how will the National Guard help?  I am anxious to see how this situation plays out. 

On January 2, 2021, four days before the January 6th Capitol riots, President Trump’s offered Mayor Bowser National Guard troops to deal with the probability of civil unrest the following week.  She rejected the offer. Why Bowser’s new attitude about the Guard?


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