I realize that I may be out of step with most of my fellow citizens on the question of who actually won the 2020 Presidential election.  Perhaps I am looking at the wrong information sources, but I believe that there is strong evidence that Trump should have received most of the electoral votes.  However, by hook or crook, the Democrats carried the day, and I recognize Joseph Biden is our President.  Unfortunately, we are stuck with him for a while.

I believe that a significant number of Americans agree with me that Donald Trump was the actual winner.  It therefore disturbs me when I hear what is reputed to be a straight news source denigrate anyone who holds that view.  They label any such claim as false or unfounded.  They also suppress any news item that tends to question the 2020 results or the way the election was conducted.

If truth is on their side, bring the facts out into the open.  Why suppress? 

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