For many years members of my family have been faithful customers of Parkers Barbecue Restaurant in Wilson, North Carolina.  They make a delicious east Carolina variety of pork BBQ, and you can purchase an all-you-can-eat dinner for a very reasonable price.  Whenever our north-south travels take us within a reasonable distance of Wilson, we try to visit Parkers.

My youngest son, Eric, is particularly addicted to Parkers, and whenever he is within a hundred miles of Wilson he swings by the place for a meal.  It’s a losing proposition for Parkers.  Eric has a prodigious appetite, and he always orders the all-you-can-eat BBQ plate.  Two or three years ago he and his brother Robert stopped at Parkers.  Eric requested and received seven refills — eight full plates of pork BBQ along with potatoes, corn bread,  slaw and beverage.  The server regarded him with amazement.  He probably thought that Eric was slipping food to some confederate standing outside the window.

I tell Eric that Parkers probably has a photo of him posted behind the register with a “Refuse Entry” notice.

One thought on “Parkers

  1. I recall the good old days (make that good Young days?) when I could eat like that. The tale of Parkers makes my mouth water and my conscience say ‘though shalt not!’


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