Death Throes of the Democrat Party

I was a registered Democrat from my first registration in the 1950s until 1993.  As a young boy in the American South during the late 30s and early 40s, I followed politics with some interest but did not participate.  Citizens in the South were overwhelming Democrat in their sympathies.  The political legacy of the Civil War and Reconstruction remained very strong, and the Republican party was generally considered anathema by Southern whites.  State and local political contests were decided in the Democrat primary since the Republican candidate had no chance in the general election.  On the national level, however, Republicans occasionally made a fair showing.  At the state level, Democrat party primaries were often contests between a conservative and a liberal.

Things began to change after World War II and the onset of the civil rights movement.  Democrat party liberals supported civil rights, whereas Southern Democrat conservatives tended to guard the status quo.  As well as being socially conservative, many of them were committed segregationists, either from conviction or because of political expediency.  In 1948, some Southern Democrat conservatives broke away from the main party to form the so-called Dixiecrats.  Later, members of that movement began to drift into the Republican party.  That drift was accelerated by Richard Nixon’s so-called Southern Strategy in 1968.

Bereft of its old Southern social conservatives, the Democrat party became more and more liberal.  No longer was it simply an emphasis on race.  By this time the Republican Party, which had been born out of the slavery abolition movement, had renewed its firm commitment to racial justice, but in other areas they tended to cling to the “old values.” On a different tack, the Democrats became increasingly hostile to those conservative and moderate members within its ranks who questioned their march toward a “new morality”, the progressives’ utopian fantasy of a genderless, classless, godless (judgement-less) civilization.  Men like the former Governor Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, staunch opponent of abortion, were forced to the sidelines.  Later, the moderate Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut suffered a similar fate.  Blue dog Democrats became an endangered species, and the progressives marched lock-step down their utopian highway.

I could see the changes coming with the inauguration of Bill Clinton in 1993, and I was unhappy with the party’s direction.  At that time I re-registered as a Republican,  Since then the disintegration of the once great Democrat party has continued at an ever-increasing pace.

Consider the following:

  • Democrats now believe on abortion on demand.  Party spokesmen may deny that, but it’s true.  When have Democrats supported legislation to curb late-term abortions?  When have they expressed any feelings or concern for the unborn child? 
  • The Democrat party voices its full-throated support of the LGBT movement.  Some Democrat leaders go so far as to rework the English language to accommodate transgender preferences. For example, members of the Biden administration makes a concerted effort to use the term “birthing person” when referring to those who bear children, rather than “woman” or “mother.” 
  • The Democrat party has become the home of and advocate for the national teacher’s unions.  These unions fight for control of local school curriculums, and when that control is achieved it often results in the advancement of radical ideas about sex and gender, racial theories, etc.  Educational left-wingers seek to minimize to tole of parents in the rearing and education of their children.  Unfortunately, Democrat party leaders tend to support these unions and their extremist leaders.
  • The Democrats have no interest in protecting our borders and are very weak on national security.  Thousands of people are pouring over our southern border.
  • The Democrat party has lost its civility.  When Trump was President, they attacked different members of his administration with a viciousness unprecedented in American political history.  Trump’s press secretary, a good and honorable woman, was mobbed in a public restaurant, and some Democrats applauded the action. Other members of Trump’s circle faced similar harassment.  When he nominated a respected judge to serve on the Supreme Court, a cabal of Democrat senators subjected the nominee to vile and unsubstantiated accusations.  Not one Democrat senator stood up to defend him.  In my view, that represented a loss of honor as well as civility.
  • The Democrats subjected an elected President to two impeachment actions, neither of which could be justified on the basis of the evidence presented.  The first impeachment was because of a phone conversation with a foreign leader in which Trump suggested that that leader might investigate certain activities in that country by a son of the former Democrat Vice President.  There were no threats nor obvious quid pro quo.  Perhaps Trump should not have done it, but it was not a serious offense.  The second impeachment came after Trump had lost his reelection bid, so there was some question as to its legitimacy.  On this occasion, Trump was accused of inciting the Capitol riot of January 6, 2021.  Both impeachments came with the foreknowledge that there would be no conviction.  There was insufficient evidence to prove the charges, and it was obvious that few if any Republican members of the Senate would vote to convict.  All but three Democrat senators voted to convict Trump in the first trial, and all voted to convict the second time around.  I consider these impeachments to have been travesties of justice.  They only served to further divide an already divided country.  From the work of the January 6 Committee, it is obvious that many Democrats wish to put Trump on trial again.
  • The national media and many of my fellow Republicans may disagree, but I have seen what I believe to be irrefutable evidence that the Democrats, assisted by a leftist-leaning media, cheated their way to electoral victory in 2020.  The nation now suffers the consequences of that crime.

With the election of Donald Trump in 2016, the Democrat party went completely off the rails.  The Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, and now, six years later, it continues to ravage the minds of those on the political left as well as a few former Republican stalwarts.  Unfortunately, victory in the 2020 election did not restore the Democrat party’s sanity.  The current party leadership is completely incompetent, and the entire establishment appears intellectually moribund.  We must throw them out of office before they destroy our nation.           

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